Gamecocks in College

The Gamecocks started in 2017 and in the past two years the following players have
played for us and are now playing baseball or studying at the following University's

Max Pape


Former Gamecocks player


Alex Reimold


Former Gamecocks player

George Washington University

Joe Rupe


Former Gamecocks player Joe Rupe had the softest hand and made every play look routine, joe always played hard and gave 100%

Paul Smith (forestry)

Caleb Shpur


Caleb the younger brother of Jacob has played for the Gamecocks the past 3 season helping the Gamecocks win several tournament. Caleb plays outstanding middle infield and third base. Caleb posses great speed and was always a threat to steal.

Caleb currently is playing as a freshmen at Endicott

Jacob Shpur


Jacob is a former Gamecocks player who pitched and played both infield and outfield for the Gamecocks. Jacob played great defense and was a threat everytime he stepped to the plate.

Jacob is currently playing baseball at Springfield

Kyle Simpson


Former Gamecocks player

Dean University

Jonny Wilson


Former Gamecocks player, run jonny run, infield hits were his specialty.

Eastern CT State University

Bryce Worth


Former Gamecocks player a crafty right handed pitcher who could also bring the gas when needed.

Clark University